Hi I'm Dan Johnson. Purveyor of fine quality web and graphic design, based in Whitstable, Kent, UK (very near the beach). Mainly serving local businesses. They are not my feet.

Life is a beach if you're doing the job you love

Web design portfolio


The marketing manager of Parents and Friends of Holywell School asked for my expertise to help develop the pre themed Wordpress site set up by his domain company. I developed the logo and fine tuned the colours and styling of elements of this themed site.

I also developed the functionality to include a contact form, events calender and recent events blog posts as well as creating an instruction pdf to help him add events.

pfhs screen shot



A responsive, (mostly) one-page web site with smooth scroll effect, carousel and some slight animation on a beautifully crafted background design.
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chemicalrelations.com screen shot



This was my first project and It's already been through plenty of different stages. It's a bespoke fixed width layout that has up-to-date css3 and HTML5 components that deliver an outstanding, content rich website with everything from ecommerce and ajax to ribbon banners and Photoshopped images.
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RamonaMusic.co.uk screen shot



CSS quotes with QuoteBox

Print-style “quotes behind text”, styled using just CSS and plain ole HTML. This is what it says on the tin - a box to put your quotes in. Simple as that! No images, no pseudo elements, no fuss. Just choose your fonts, choose your colours, choose your positioning and Bob's your uncle.
Find out more here and grab the code …

Dan, I am really impressed - you have built Ramona a really excellent website - very professional looking, looks great.Beau - kentfolk.com

HTML Email

Ramona Mail
HTML email newsletter

This totally bespoke, hand-coded HTML email gets sent out once a month (or thereabouts) to a legion of fans. This was fully designed from the ground up in Photoshop, spliced and re-built using the XHTML strict Doctype. It is loaded into Mailchimp to make use of their excellent email delivery and analytics service.

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Print design portfolio

Case studies - C.A. Drillers

CADrillers, a local Whitstable drilling company, asked me to redesign their schedule of rates. An important sales and marketing brochure. The finished document is a four page PDF with a front page, two pages of rates and a terms and conditions page. I also created a headed paper template for their company letters as well as re-setting the schedule in Excel format for a customer.
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Schedule Front Page Schedule Page 2 Schedule Page 3 Headed Paper

Case studies - Paul Caney

Paul Caney - a local Whitstable Painter & Decorator, found me from an online search. He required an A5 Flyer, business card, compliment slip and letterhead that was modern, minimalist and exuded confidence, professionalism and prestige.
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Flyer Business card front Business card back Compliment slip Letterhead

Case studies - Martin Dixon

Martin Dixon - Vehicle Inspections required a business card, compliment slip and letterhead.
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Business card Compliment slip Letterhead

Case studies - Chemical Relations

Along with a website, Chemical Relations required a logo, business card and letterhead.
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Business card Logo Letterhead

Case studies - RamonaMusic

RamonaMusic. Promoting celtic harp for all events. Required elegant, romantic styling.
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Harp Mag Ad Business card Compliment slip Letterhead Website header Teaching postcard

Case studies - Selkie

Selkie - “It's folk Jim, but not as we know it!”. Traditional music with a contemporary groove. Solid but funky styling with natural traditional, earthy elements.
Click on the icons to view posters, flyers and other marketing and promotional material.

A3 poster for St Patricks day A4 poster studio CD cover CD sampler A6 flyer A6 gig guide A4 mailing list A4 poster- Christmas

Posters, Flyers and Adverts

Here are a few of the other posters and flyers that I've designed.

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Ramona Egle Harpist Advert Camine poster Teaching postcard RamonaMusic flyer Celtic Harp flyer Victorian Carollers flyer Bowstring flyer Camine flyer


Greeting Cards

Cards designed for all occasions. Here are some samples of personal cards.
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The most recent card is designed as a cd for my sister as she likes to sing.
View a pdf of the newspaper card. Zoom in on the photos and rate my masking skills.

Thank You Card - Funk Owl Fathers Day Card - 2014 Christmas Card - 2014 Mock newspaper Birthday card CD Golden Wedding Newspaper Christmas Warhol style birthday Mothers day Valentines



Contact me

Interested in having a chat and getting a quote for your next project? Me to! Please contact me via the email address below. You can reach me on Twitter too.