Dan Johnson

Purveyor of fine quality web and graphic design, based in Whitstable.
This is my portfolio.

About Dan Johnson

Who is Dan Johnson?

Obsessive compulsive coder, designer, blatant green tea connoisseur, self-confessed perfectionist, musician, life lover, fellow Whitstabubblian and raging cycle-a-holic.

What does he do?

Dan eats, sleeps, and drinks web developing, graphic designing, marketing & SEO, social media, e-commerce, web standards, so on and so forth - I think you get the message.

A brief history

Dan was born and raised in Kent, UK and studied graphics and art. There was a period of musical excess in London, followed by a phoenix like resurrection of artistic talents in designing CD covers and posters for local music bands.

He had a keen interest in redesigning his myspace page - leads on to finding out that <b> in the biog text area is a strange form of code. You could say it was a bit of a eureka moment. The rest as they say is history. Well, it's kinda not just history as it's what he doing now.

Dan is a fully functional, fully charged web and graphic designer available to help small to medium sized local businesses to expand and improve their online and offline presence. He builds fully functional websites, graphic and print design. He'll design the logo and all marketing materials for your next project; update your branding; fix web issues; liaise with your printers. Need some advise? Thats fine- my advise is free!