Martin Dixon Vehicle Inspections, Faversham, Kent. Business card, Letterhead and Compliment Slip Design

Business Card Design, Faversham, Kent

Martin approached me to design a business card, letterhead and compliments slip for his local commercial vehicle MOT business.

He currently used a generic business card and letterhead with black text on a white background and needed something that was professional looking and portrayed experience and quality.

He had specific ideas about the look, colour and design and wanted me to create an illustration from a picture of a truck to be placed on the business card.

I used Illustrator to draw round the truck to create the simplified truck design.

Original Truck Pic

Original Truck Pic

I also used Illustrator to draw the clipboard, which was based on found examples. The green tick was a glyph which I outlined and embellished with gradients.

Martin was very specific about typeface and colour too. He wanted Verdana to be the typeface and for the colour to be burgundy.

Once the truck, clipboard and tick elements were created separately, I added them to InDesign and set them properly. I then added the text within a simple grid.

As always, in my designs I try where possible and applicable to use the golden ratio. As you can see here, I’ve used it to separate the truck from the clipboard.

Letterhead Design, Faversham, Kent

The letterhead used the same truck and tick motifs as the business card. The truck,  sitting next to the name, being the main identity, which helps to reinforce the brand.

The green tick is a very strong icon, both in the colour and the shape. Symbolising positivity and success, messages that are important in instilling to potential customers a sense of future achievement. Here, the tick is covering as much of the background as possible. Slightly muted, so that letters can be printed over the top.

Compliment Slip Design, Faversham, Kent

The compliment slip design takes the same elements used on the letterhead. The truck motif is on the left and the green tick covering the rest of the area, but the edges are off the page – this visually helps to create a sense that the tick is coming out of the page – or that it is larger than it actually is. The eye subconsciously and automatically recreating the missing edges in the minds eye.

Martin loved the designs and says that these have helped to create a strong identity for his new business, helping to create a professional and distinct quality product.

If you need a business card, letterhead and or compliment slip for your business let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help move your business forwards.

Design Testing

Everything that gets designed goes through rigorous testing. Here you can see a test for the stroke width of the truck element and also for the burgundy colour. The letterhead was to be printed on different qualities of paper, so it was tested as such, on a desktop printer on 80-200 gsm and at a professional printers.

showing colour and stroke testing

Test for the colour and stroke width on different printers and paper qualities

Colour Exploration

Considering some options for burgundy.

Pic showing colour schemes

Colour Exploration

Some sites I use for colour inspiration:–YIw0wG

Typeface  Exploration

At the start of every commission, I love to look through hundreds of typefaces to find the perfect one for each job.

Here is the study I performed to help choose a suitable typeface for Martin. To be honest, this was an exercise to offer some alternatives to Verdana. In the end, Martin opted to keep Verdana.

pic showing selected installed typefaces

MD Typeface Exploration, selected installed typefaces

pic showing selecting free typefaces

MD Typeface Exploration, selecting free typefaces 1

pic showing selecting free typefaces

MD Typeface Exploration, selecting free typefaces 2

pic showing paid for typefaces

MD Typeface Exploration, paid for

pic showing typefaces

MD Typeface Exploration, final few

If there were room in the budget, I would have been tempted to use Transport, due in part to the obvious, but also as a slight cheeky nod to the ubiquitous grotesk typefaces adorning plenty of websites today. Such specimens as which are based on the popular American Highway Gothic typeface.

Oh look, here we see Verdana is the typeface for Turkey and Ukraine public signage!

Here is the PDF of the A4 Letterhead Design