How to use content aware tool in Photoshop

The Content aware tool in Photoshop is awesome! It removes unwanted objects by being ‘aware of the surrounding content’ and filling in the space so that the object is removed and the ‘background’ appears normal. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go right first time. Just keep on selecting and removing objects until it looks great.

This is a super quick guide to using it. First have the pic ready in Photoshop (CS 5.5 and newer versions).

  1.  Duplicate the pic (alt + drag the pic icon in the layers panel), therefore the pic can be reused if it all goes wong.
  2. Use the lasso tool to select an area around the object you want to remove. (I prefer the standard lasso so that you can ‘draw’ the selection). The selection only has to be roughly around the edges of the object – obviously some of the background will be included in the selection but that’s ok. Make sure the selection does not touch the object.
  3. Go to edit – fill – content-aware, ok. (or shift + F5). Voila! The object is filled in by using background information to fill the selected area.
  4. Grin smugly.

Happy Cat / Grumpy Cat Christmas card 2016

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you like my Christmas card:

Happy Cat / Grumpy Cat Christmas Card 2016

Happy Cat / Grumpy Cat Christmas Card 2016

Entitled Happy Cat / Grumpy Cat. For those that received my card you got a choice. One side shows Happy Cat with the slogan “i can haz presents?” whilst turning the card around shows Grumpy Cat with a ‘paw’ written slogan of “BAH HUMBUG!”.

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