My name is Dan Johnson


Lets start with a question. Have you ever wanted your own website?

Most people say yes. OK, so have you ever wanted your own website called your own name?

Most people say yes. Some people actually have their own website with their own name and very nice it is too thank you very much. But what if someone else with the same name as you has already got their own website, what happens then?

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Hello world!

Hello, Welcome to my world. The crazy world of Arthur Brown  Dan Johnson.

So what do I write? What do I show? What do I tell? What is the meaning of life? Who knows? Who really cares?

This blog is all about everything…and nothing.

Its a place to share and store, to rant and rave, to sing and shout, hide and show-off. It will include absolutely the most genius information you will ever read, alongside total hogswash.