Running in Whitstable 2014

I’ve decided to run!

The thought had been brewing for a while but it wasn’t until I found myself watching the London Marathon sitting on the sofa with a coupla yummy all butter croissants with cheese and ham that I realised that this is what I needed to do. we it took a few months to, erm, buy trainers and shorts but I’ve finally ‘GOT OUT OF THE FRONT DOOR’ and I’m very ecstatic about it. The first thing you notice is the amount of other people doing the same thing.

I’ve decided to keep a record of the distance and timings so that I can see my progression.


Date [h]mm:ss Distance (K) Speed (kph)
24 June 2014 0:23:25 3.37 8.6
01 July 2014 0:50:27 5.06 6.0
08 July 2014 0:42:31 5.06 7.1
15 July 2014 0:40:39 5.06 7.5
23 July 2014 0:39:00 5.06 7.8
29 July 2014 0:45:00 5.7 7.6
06 August 2014 0:54:22 6.7 7.4
13 August 2014 0:49:51 6.4 7.7
21 August 2014 0:29:08 4.1 8.4
30 August 2014 0:39:00 5.07 7.8
02 September 2014 1:02:00 8.27 8.0
12 September 2014 1:08:15 9.36 8.2
17 September 2014 1:08:22 9.36 8.2
23 September 2014 0:52:22 7.34 8.4

[Update – August] After a few runs in, I’m now jogging all the way.I am running every Tuesday or Wednesday, once a week to start with. This table will be updated once a week. Oh, by the way, the first week it was pouring down with rain but I was determined to run. The first set of running times are actually about half light jogging and half walking.

[Update – October] So as the nights are drawing in, by the time I get home from work it’s already pitch black. Seeing as I run along the Whitstable beach where there are no street lights (as it’s not a street right! unless you class ‘The Street’ as a street but I can’t think the council would want to put light along that!), It was starting to get a bit silly. I have decided to make use of my swimming membership at the Whitstable swimming pool as carry on exercising that way until the first part of 2015 when I’ll continue running again.


Wow! how much of a buzz is running? I must admit I’ve well and truly caught the exercise bug. From starting to run at the end of June and running once a week up until the end of September I have succeeded in running almost 10K without stopping. I have felt physically fitter, I have so much more energy and I want to run more. I also started the Park run in Whitstable and to be part of an enthusiastic running community has bolstered my confidence even more.

Here’s to running in 2015!

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